Casting light on plant based fibers, ancestral crafts, and sensual silhouettes; Suit of Lights tells a new story for slow fashion & the feminine identity.

SOL's ultimate goal is to offer plastic free products that are better for our bodies and our oceans. We curate natural vintage, customized pieces, and found artisanal objects from around the world.

Natural Vintage: Hand picked pieces that focus on natural fibers and materials like Cotton, Linen, Flax, Hemp, Silk, Wool, & Leather. SOL is sourced using a 10% tolerance for Other materials that would be found in an item's composition. In the nature of vintage and craft, labels can be missing and it may not be possible to verify details like linings & trims. SOL strives to find beautiful pieces that highlights natural elements and slower fashions. We hope that in choosing from our timeless products, we can extend the fashion lifecycle and reduce excess waste for our Earth.
"She is draped in radiant cloth, embodies the spirits of nature, and draws wonder from her light."